Thursday, June 9, 2011

everyday masterpieces

More than six million people view the portrait of Mona Lisa each year at the Musee du Louvre in Paris. A masterpiece painted by Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance, it is probably the most famous painting in the world. I haven't seen her in person, but hope to one day. Dear ones who have tell me that it's an experience they'll treasure forever. Granted, most aren't on such a grand scale, but we've all got a masterpiece in us. A lady who lived around the corner created a beloved, nationally recognized garden. For my client, it's the family recipe pimento cheese that she's selling in 200 stores now. My friend Sandra sings beautifully and creates the most poignant videos. Then there are the little masterpieces painted each day without a second thought: a nurturing meal, flowers from the yard tossed together in a happy bouquet, a call or note that lightens a heart, a child out in the world who feels loved, just because of you.

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