Sunday, June 12, 2011


On any momentous occasion, there's usually a particular moment that stands out, capturing the spirit of things. Amid a sea of green caps and gowns, from high up in balcony seats, it wasn't easy to spot our graduate at her commencement ceremony. Once I did, though, my eyes stayed glued to the back of her head. The retiring athletic director gave a warm and meaningful keynote address. Even though you email, text, Skype and love to talk on your cell phones, he advised the class of nearly six hundred, never forget how precious it is to send a letter. At that very moment, Italia turned around and looked straight up at me, a smile lighting her face like a chandelier. It was like a serendipitous secret message for just the two of us because we both love a note. Writing one or getting one. We both love pens and paper and stringing words into a message. We even made notecards for her friends for their graduation present. It's one of a gajillion things I'm going to miss when she goes away to college. The poking around in a great stationery store. The quest for cute postage stamps. The sharing of a rainbow of Sharpie markers. The beautiful cards she makes for her friends. It's not going to be the same, but I'm sure we will email, text, Skype and talk by cell phone. And there'll be precious letters, too.


Anonymous said...

Great and precious post today, VTJ. It made my day!! Love to you and Italia. And, Go Heels!!

Mr. R

lit prof said...

And, I have been the lucky recipient of many of these beautiful hand made - heart made cards and notes from both of you over the years. In fact, I have a box full of them right here on my desk that I can't bear to put away. Often, I take one out and read it over again and take joy in those special words, see the beauty of the art, feel the love.