Monday, August 29, 2011

la dolce vita

Notes from the life of a middle-aged Italian woman. I like a strong cup of coffee in the morning and a piece of toast with preserves made from summer's cherries. I have to have a good book going at all times and something to knit. A dog at my feet is comforting. I cherish my holy figurines and say my prayers. It's true, I also worship my kids. I dream of going to the old country one day. And of becoming an old Italian woman, with time.


Diane said...

What are you knitting, friend? I haven't picked mine up since last fall!!!

Jen said...

I love your blog! Your writing is truly beautiful, eloquent, sweet. I too love strong coffee and toast with preserves...I love your poetic imagery of fall colors and descriptions of cinnamon doughnuts, etc. You are a good writer! Thank you!