Thursday, September 22, 2011

officially autumn

Falling in love all over again with fall. Three months aren't nearly enough to savor this season of the senses. Why just today there were pumpkin doughnuts at our misty morning breakfast meeting and snappy North Carolina apples at the Farmer's Market. There's a tinge of harvest color on the maples and the air is scented with tea olive perfume. Put a bundle of bittersweet in a silver vase on the table in the foyer, a nubby orange blanket over the arm of the couch. Toss a sweater on your shoulders. Think comfort and cozy. On the back burner, tomato soup simmers in a white ceramic stock pot while pumpernickel croutons are toasting in the oven.
(artwork is a favorite painting by my sister, Michele Kingery)


My Little Bungalow said...

Thanks, Julie. I had been dreading the end of summer, but your lovely description of autumn makes me look forward to the cooler temps and the change of seasons!

Julie said...

I am really enjoying Florida, but your post made me miss Vancouver. I love autumn.

Kat said...

Yes, yes, yes. You nailed it exactly. Here's to that magical time of the year when it feels like anything could happen.

Anonymous said...

I too am NOW looking forward to this "new" season thanks to your beautiful post. Doesn't everyone love the color-ORANGE-