Friday, October 21, 2011

12 before 2012

In case you haven't noticed the fully decorated artificial trees lurking at the periphery of the Halloween section at Target, there are only 2 months and change left in this year. This causes all kinds of emotions to bubble up, from bewilderment and befuddlement to sheer panic. Where has the time gone and what have I truly accomplished? Inspired by the warm and wonderful Hello, Friend blog, I've created a list of 12 things, big and small, that I am determined to complete by December 31st. It feels good: doable, quantifiable, self-accountable. I think there's a certain alchemy to writing the goals down and openly putting them out there in the universe. Consider making your own list and let me know how it goes for you these last good weeks of 2011. We can cheer each other on.
{My list of 12 before 2012}
1. finish manuscript of children's book about Dr. Mac
2. take the rollerblades out for a spin at least once a week
3. ride my bike to work on nice days
4. determine, with Mike and the kids, a way to honor Cocoa's life
5. finish out Ruffy's dog obedience lessons
6. attend Pittman McGehee seminar in early November
7. run in the 5k Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot
8. query Garden & Gun magazine about writing an article on
'The Two Elizabeths,' Elizabeth Lawrence and Elizabeth Clarkson
9. begin writing a play about 'The Two Elizabeths'
10. contact a few key companies about writer-in-residence services
11. learn how to make homemade marshmallows to give
cellophane bags full of 'Marrshmallows' at the holidays
12. not miss a single Wednesday morning faith class

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Megan Barley said...

found your blog through 12 by 2012 linkup! i just graduated from UNC Chapel Hill as well but I live out in Denver now.

good luck as you work on your list!! seems like you have some fun stuff going on!