Sunday, October 9, 2011

simple, doable, durable

We can all find and nurture a quiet, sacred space at the center of our lives where we experience connection to God. This is what I learned from author, pastor and social justice activist Brian McLaren, who spoke at church this morning. He talked about ways to deepen faith with daily spiritual practices that are simple, doable and durable, each rooted in a single word. The first is 'here.' And here's how it works: you simply show up to the moment - any moment - and hold an awareness: I am here, God. You are here. We are here together. Regardless of what is swirling around you. All twelve practices/words are outlined in his book, Naked Spirituality, which is about stripping away the distractions and non-essentials to get to God. It's not about finding time to do these things, he said, it's about claiming your time. So simple. Yet amazing.
(The Chapel at Sewanee on an October evening, 2011)

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