Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sorting life into words

There's a direct correlation between how much pleasure writing (i.e., this blog!) is getting done and how much I am paying attention to, processing and honoring life. For you, it may be how many pages read or rows knitted, the number of miles logged on the jogging path or how often you've picked up the paintbrush lately. For all of us, there's some barometer of how much we're engaged in the details of daily life and not just hurtling through on automatic. I recently marked the three-year anniversary of coming to this spot pretty consistently to check in with life. What I've realized is that I need it much more than it needs me. And that consistently showing up makes a world of difference.


Anonymous said...

When your posts are not there I truly miss them. They inspire, they brighten the moment, they bring pause to reflect, they encourage goodness, they open up all the senses. Very Truly Julie is truly special.

Cathy Monetti said...

Me, too. Me, too. Me, too!