Monday, November 14, 2011

early Thanksgiving

We made Thanksgiving Gratitude Journals today during Bookendipity Book Club and were well into the cutting and hole-punching when I realized that maybe it was presumptuous and even callous to do this craft at an elementary school where more than 80% of the families live in poverty. But the children must not have gotten the memo saying that life was barren and bust because they bubbled on and on about their blessings: an amazing-sounding grandma named Donna and a cool cousin who hands down her clothes, the teacher who 'reads all the time.' God and Jesus were on their lists, as were mamas, daddies, brothers, sisters and all manner of pets. As we packed up to leave, one little boy blurted out that he was thankful for his new foster family. His buddy said "Hey, I didn't know you were in foster care!" I don't like to talk about it, came the quiet answer and we all hugged goodbye.


My Little Bungalow said...

Children are so pure in their gratitude, so honest. We could all learn an important lesson from this story. Thank you for sharing it.
Claudia said...

I love this story, it's always felt to me that when we have very little we are able to feel richest. I feel like children just know this inherently.

I am thankful to have stumbled on your blog! It is a truly delightful place to be.