Sunday, November 27, 2011


In no hurry for Thanksgiving 2011 to end so I'll just curl up with a cup of wild orange tea and nibble on some thoughts. Intention was the magic ingredient that made everything savory and sweet. Starting with an early morning road race in the cold sunshine. Festive and invigorating, the Turkey Trot was just the thing to work up an appetite for a simple yet elegant midday feast. But before that was Wednesday and dry brining a fresh, organic turkey with a rub of salt, sage, sugar and orange zest. Then making a centerpiece of pears and pomegranates and arranging deep pink roses, silvery lambs ear, sprigs of boxwood and rosemary in a vase. Finding a beautiful, interactive prayer to share made the meal extra special. Not joining the madding crowds out shopping on Black Friday kept things calm and bright. Pajama mornings, leftovers for lunch, long walks with the puppy. It's all good, the kids like to say. And it was.

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