Wednesday, November 9, 2011

worth noting

Artist Laurie Richardson and I are giving a letter writing workshop for children on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. She's the kind of friend - a forever friend - who sends the sweetest things through the mail, even though we only live about a mile from each other. And drops off warm scones after she's tried a new recipe. She paints, she teaches art, she designs, she mothers. We met at a calligraphy class back when I was working in marketing at a bank, wanting desperately to get into writing full-time. She was an art director at a small agency where the writer had just given notice. She thought I would be perfect for the job and told her boss so, which was the beginning of my advertising career. That was five children ago (mine and hers!), one picture book collaboration and a gazillion happy memories. Laurie makes the best soup, too, which we'll sit and eat in her colorful, art-filled kitchen while dreaming up ideas like this workshop:

Take Note!

The Art of Letter Writing:

A workshop for children

Grades 1-6

In the age of email, a handwritten letter is more dear than ever. It's an envelope filled with love and creativity that can open up a world of happy for both writer and recipient. Put your personal stamp on life by becoming a letter writer! Artist Laurie Richardson and writer Julie Marr are longtime pen pals who will share wonderful examples and discuss what makes a letter fun to write and a pleasure to read. They'll show the supplies a letter writer needs to have on hand for convenience and inspiration. Participants will put pen to page and jot a note or two, then even create personalized stationery! To register, please email Laurie at or

Sunday, November 20th

3 - 5 pm

Cost: $30


My Little Bungalow said...

I love this idea! Writing a letter by hand is an art, especially these days when everything is electronic. I hope your seminar is a huge hit!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project for everyone. Hope it is a HUGE success!

Julie said...

I so wish that I could sign Max up for this workshop. I could drop him off and then find some excuse as to why I needed to hang around as well. This sounds like such a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours.