Saturday, December 24, 2011

angel I have heard on high

Italia arrived home from college in mid-December bearing a beautiful gold angel which I keep moving from nightstand to desk to wherever else I happen to be in the house. Don't be surprised if you're idling next to my car at an intersection sometime and there's an angel bobbing from the dashboard. Then she texted me a picture of these two lovelies she runs by on her morning jog and has been telling me about. Truth is, Italia's the angel. I knew it the moment I had her. She's absolutely radiant and wears a pair of wings like nobody's business (exhibit 1: church Christmas pageant, circa 1998). She is a great inspiration to me to fear not. And she brings tidings of great joy.


Cathy Monetti said...

Thanks be to God!

lit prof said...

Italia brings great joy to all. She is our "tree top angel" who walks among us offering love, peace, and a sense of well being. We love you, italia. Hark the Herald Angels Sing.