Saturday, December 3, 2011

drummer girl

I have no gift to bring, pa-rum pum pum pum, that's fit to give a King

Sometimes that's how it feels, especially at the holidays: what can I possibly do that measures up to the enormity of the great yawning need? Write a check here, volunteer a few hours there, donate a case of peanut butter, a winter coat, a grocery store gift card? Then I got to thinking about the little drummer boy and got a favorite book off the shelf, the one illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats with humble, beautiful pictures. The little boy worries about not having anything to bring until he considers the instrument in his hands and plays a song, which turns out to be the best present of all. A bit of himself, a gift only he can give. A drum beat. A heartbeat.

Which makes me think about the unique gifts that I have to offer. I can write. A letter or blog post or even a tweet that encourages and lifts. I can help someone craft a strong resume and write letters of recommendation. I can help organizations craft a message that generates volunteers, donations and goodwill. I also have a gift for encouraging young readers and writers, so I plan to seek out more opportunities to do that, starting today. This is the beat I'm marching to, so if you or someone you know needs any of these things, let me know. Pa-rum, pum pum pum.
(image: Pinterest)

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