Monday, December 26, 2011


Christmas floats down on angel wings
with a message that changes everything
Miracle foretold, a holy birth,
mysterious mingling of heaven and earth
The whole world's a manger, we all have a part
there's a spark of divine in each human heart
Be awake and aware, with joyful intention,
the present's a present and deserves full attention
Life's no to-do list, it's a handwritten letter,
the kinder and dearer and deeper the better
Spread some good news, find your true voice
using your gifts is cause to rejoice
Wishing you snowflakes swirling in air,
magical, festive moments to share
A soft, fleecy blanket piled on the bed
peace, goodwill and gingerbread
Keep the faith, be of good cheer,
let love set the tone in the coming year.
(image: Pinterest)

1 comment:

Bellezza said...

Julie, this is such a beautiful poem! Did you write it? I'll feast on every image you gave here. Merry Christmas to you, and all His blessings for 2012.