Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a woman of letters

It's raining and dark outside as I pull supplies together in early morning quiet for the children's letter writing workshop Laurie and I will teach in a few hours. Carols play softly on the radio as I think of the great letter writers I've known and loved. My mother's cousin Kay from Birmingham, Alabama, was who and how my love of letters started. I can still see her beautiful cursive on an envelope addressed just to me! Like magic, it opened up the world of writing that I inhabit today. Nelson and Anne put pen to page when I moved away from my childhood hometown and kept me smiling through the tears. Their letters were hilarious and prolific. Layne is exuberant and artistic, the first person I ever knew who created little masterpieces out of envelopes and then filled them with joy. I cherish all the letters from Laurie, too, and from my sister Michele. From Maria, Gair, Katie, Italia, Aunt Jennie, Anna and Mom. This is a love letter to all of them on a soft December morning. Sealed with a kiss.
(image: Pinterest)

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