Friday, December 23, 2011

would you come through a blizzard?

It's snowing up a storm as the minister shovels the walkway, lights the candles and waits. Who will come to Christmas Eve service? One by one, precious birds and animals and people show up, including the custodian who trundles over on snow skis. The organist comes with her backpack of music and thermos of tea, as does a soloist with a red scarf 'round his neck, and a small boy covered in cookie crumbs and cozy in his mother's arms. Finally, a stranger comes and it is Christmas. Oh how I love Coming Through the Blizzard by Eileen Spinelli. Her language is beautifully poetic and the illustrations by Jenny Tylden-Wright are bright and joyful. The message is, well, the Christmas message. It's not snowing where I am today - or even very chilly - but it is time to decide once again: am I going to show up for Christmas and all that it means to me (everything) or stay on the periphery where the weary world would have us 'celebrate.' I know what my heart wants and I know the way. All I need to do is follow the light.

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Cathy Monetti said...

Okay, so I love your new VeryTrulyJulie blog art.
I love this book, and I haven't even read it yet.
And I love Design Sponge at Home, which was my To Me From Me present this year!