Thursday, January 12, 2012

book fare

New Royal Mail stamps celebrate the work of British writer Roald Dahl whose books for children are among the most adored. What reader of any age wouldn't be drawn in by a massive peach, a chocolate factory and a little girl who devours every book in the library? Looking at these familiar covers transports me right back to the school book fairs my children attended throughout the years, happy times. A representative would usually come in advance for an assembly and work the kids into a near frenzy over popular new titles: The Mysterious Benedict Society, Esperanza Rising, Maniac Magee, Frindle, A Year Down Yonder, Chasing Vermeer. And series: The Indian in the Cupboard, Artemis Fowl, Captain Underpants, The Shakespeare Stealer. How excited they got and how wonderful it was to see them so caught up in books. I wish that for every child. A forever gift, the love of reading.

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Anonymous said...

I've just ordered two books from Joan Aiken's "Arabella" series. The cover art appears to be by the same artist as the Dahl books. Just charming!

What I remember are the "Scholastic" book orders, the newsprint-y brochure, the rubber banded stack of books the teacher handed me when the order came in. Heaven!