Saturday, January 14, 2012

drop a line

I'll confess: I'm not a good journaler. I love love love the idea, but never follow-through with consistency. I've got lots of very cool books with lined pages, not a lot of content in any of them. When I came across the one pictured above, though, it seemed super doable and user-friendly. Especially for a new parent or a busy student. Then I got a note from a favorite friend, saying: My travelogue of 2011 was a 10-words-a-day journal. If you tend to run out of gas on journaling, give this a try - it's like writing a Haiku each night and records enough to jog a memory. Gair is hands-down one of the best writers I've ever known. Brilliant, creative, chock full of great ideas and joi de vivre. I'm going to follow her lead. Starting right where I am. Today, here, now. Ten words. One line. How about joining me?

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Cathy Monetti said...

I love this idea, not just for its "usability," but also because I think it will be fascinating to sum up a day in 10 words. May nurture my inner poet a bit.

Thanks for sharing!