Friday, January 20, 2012

what not to wear

It's been several years since I read What Not To Wear, but am still laughing and still following the authors' advice for a 5'3 person with a short waist, broad shoulders and an un-swanlike neck: no turtlenecked or double-breasted items, more chest should be exposed for an elongated neck with neutral shoes to enlongate the legs, avoid large prints and long skirts, etc, etc, etc. It's all proved spot on! Even though I definitively know what not to wear, there are still a few garments I persist in dragging out from time to time: the necklace of negativity, a (bad) mood ring, purse-fulls of procrastination and, on occasion, even the shawl of shame. A good closet purge can be a girl's true friend. I'm paring down to just the essentials in 2012. And the only accessory that really matters: a smile.
(image: Pinterest)

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Cathy Monetti said...

Why, oh why, is it so difficult for me? Do let me know how it goes. I need some closet cleaning inspiration.