Monday, January 9, 2012

what time is it?

Time and again, I am reminded that there are two ways to consider the concept of time and wonder why I always seem to default to chronos, or chronological, in which every minute is regarded in a fleeting, sand-through-hourglass kind of way, provoking the feeling of perpetually coming up short, running out of time. When I could be living into the sacrament of God's time, kairos, which exists in each present moment, is measured in meaning and hope, and is infinite. I'm lucky to go to a church that encourages pausing and pondering exactly which clock ticks for me. To choose whether the A.D. in 2012 A.D. is going to be defined in terms of after death or anno domini (the year of the Lord). And then to live into that.
(image: Pinterest)

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