Monday, February 6, 2012

all tied up in ribbons

If you follow the trail of love, it always leads to, well, more love. That's what happened when I fell in love with these new edition Love stamps designed by the amazing Jessica Hirsch. Due to my love of typography, I had to learn more, which led me to the website of Louise Fili, Ltd., graphic design firm extraordinaire. I realized that for years, without knowing the source, I have loved the work of the founder, Louise Fili, winner of every prestigious design medal awarded between here and Italy. I followed the ribbon to a charming interview and even a picture of her workspace. It was a bit like happening upon an unexpected doorway beneath a cheery red awning and, inside, cases of wondrous sprinkled cookies and pastries with a candied cherry on top. Love, love, love her movie star flair, her red lipstick and the pops of red in her design work, her innate Italianness and celebration of la dolce vita in every glorious little detail of life. That's amore!

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Chloe Kingery said...

Googling Louise Fili now! So interesting. Love it. Thanks for sharing your finds! xo