Friday, February 24, 2012

too good to pass up

Today I've been given the grown-up equivalent of the hall pass, that ubiquitous yellow slip needed for approved passage to high school restroom or registrar. Actually, I've written one to myself. With maybe a half-hour of work to do, and chores and errands that can wait, I'm calling recess. To take a miles-long walk with the dog. To sip a pineapple ginger smoothie on the patio where the air is balmy. To write my favorite college professor a decades overdue letter. To noodle a bit on a creative project. To be quiet. To ponder Lent. To close my eyes and picture the beloved faces of the kids away at college who I miss so very much. Sweet freedom from the hamster wheel of my own making. I'd forgotten how good it feels.

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Julie Hedlund said...

Good for you! Enjoy your recess.