Tuesday, March 13, 2012

home as hug

It's a most beautiful house. But what makes it a home is the friend who lives inside. It was a special treat to write an article about interior designer Suzanne Hughes and her Pellyn Farm for the March issue of Charlotte Living magazine. Suzanne's father owned Wagner's, the wild bird food company, which may be where she inherited her passion for feathering a good nest. She has an innate, understated sense of style that mixes old with new, valuable antiques with yard sale finds, treasured family paintings with a fifth-grader's self portrait. Richest of all is the color palette of buttery lemon yellow, turquoise and, always, a touch of gilt. Suzanne loves nature and animals and revels in the seasons. Above all, she makes people feel loved.

If I were to drop by today, for example, on the foyer table would be a vase filled with forsythia, quince and dogwood branches gathered from the yard. She'd have adorable bunny-shaped sugar cookies and steep us fragrant lemon tea. She'd clasp my dry hands and insist on lathering them up with rosemary scented lotion. There'd be a tiny gift, a J-shaped twig she found on a walk or some fun little treat from the health food store. She's a spring breeze, a healer and the sweetest of souls. It occurs to me that, as beautiful as her home is, the heart of it is Suzanne. And that goes with her everywhere.

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Cathy Monetti said...

This makes my heart long for a visit.

Perhaps I will actually meet @verytrulyjulie someday. And then you and I can parade together up the front steps of Pellyn Farm and into Suzanne's warm foyer. I think my spirit would do well to bask in the glow of hers.

Just beautiful, Julie. Now I'm off to cut some forsythia!