Sunday, May 13, 2012

born again and again

Some seasons mothering is all buttoning buttons and reading stories, making sure everyone gets fed and hugged, cleaned, clothed, comforted. Mostly it is about showing up with love and as much physical energy as is possible to muster. Those days made exquisite sense to me and I think I would've preferred to reside there indefinitely, but life calls us forward. Babies become toddlers become school age children and beyond. They have to learn how to navigate their inner and outer world independently, form relationships and dreams outside the family, become their one and only self.

It's a very mysterious and miraculous, learn-as-you-go process in which both sides have to let go. That is the part I've bumbled through and have had to make peace with. Then one day, say a Mother's Day twenty years into it all, a revelation. While shepherding those children through myriad development stages, they've fostered your development, too. The eternal, maternal mystery. One that has made you what you are and given you aspirations for all you hope to be.

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