Tuesday, May 1, 2012

yes you May

May is a cashmere shawl of palest violet, tossed softly across your shoulders. It's a walk through ivy covered stone walls to a secret garden, orange shadows in a koi pond, wren song. It's Limoges teacups so delicate you can almost see through them and pastel colored macarons piled on a cake stand. A thick, creamy envelope is delivered, addressed in calligraphy and mailed with an elegant postage stamp. It's an invitation to breathe deeper, linger longer, have strawberries for breakfast. It's quintessential spring, a spring in the step, steps across a stage toward a new stage of life. It's all around us, the wonderful world Louis Armstrong sang about. May.
(image: Pinterest)


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MAY DAY-PLAY DAY- One of the very best months of the year.