Sunday, July 29, 2012

points of light

In the sabbath spirit, this is a beautiful excerpt from Simple Ways Toward the Sacred by Gunilla Norris, and a book review here:

"What if we set out every morning with curiosity, 
with the intention to notice
as many opportunities as possible?
Would it not be like reading the world
as a holy book — a Lectio Divina of sorts,
that ancient practice of spiritual reading?
Every day we could be pouring over
the unfolding of new and possible worlds.

"There are innumerable, small opportunities
to be helpful, attentive, or kind.
Taking up these opportunities,
would we not come to know that we are
a living part of the infinite story?"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

cake days

The great thing about getting older, said Madeleine L'Engle, is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been. What a wonderful birthday thought. Today I turn fifty-one, but I'm also one and eight and seventeen and twenty-three, thirty-five, forty-two. A baby, a girl, a woman, a mother and now a middle-aged person who hopes to grow in wisdom and gratitude for the rest of her days. All of these ages, stages and facets combined are what makes me me. There's a term for blending them into a textured and richly layered whole - then living out of that - that I think is called integration. Whatever it is, it's all inside. And it's all good

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

run, don't walk

Wonderful, wonderful movie: the story (based on a true one!), the two shining stars, the music (everything from Vivaldi to Earth, Wind & Fire), the art (old masters to abstract modern), an exquisite home, Paris in the rain. Amid the tragedies of poverty and paralysis, there's a thread of goodness and joy strong enough to transcend the despair. Find the thread.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

full circle

Here's a question for when you're feeling stuck: is this what I dreamed about when I was eight years old? Did you flake out on a couch when you could have been outside catching tadpoles, capturing the flag, chasing fireflies? Did you spend hours stewing over the actions and attitudes of others or blithely go about your own darn business? Did you wait for happiness to find you or plot out every day like a joy safari? Sheesh . . . what the heck happens to us, people, as the years go by? And by us, I mean me. Luckily I have found there's no quicker way to snap out of a rutty day or situation or mindset than to think back to what worked so well then and apply it to now. My eight-year-old self loved Fruit Loops and hula hoops, Encyclopedia Brown mysteries, transistor radios and skating. She - and therefore I - liked filling pages with words and pictures. We wanted to be a detective or a newspaper writer. We loved playing 'school' and 'office,' we turned our closet into a reading nook and thought our family hung the moon. We couldn't wait to get up every day for a new adventure. Life was pretty darn sweet. Still is. We just needed to remember.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

party on

How adorable is this? What a creative and clever idea that I will relish replicating! I'm thinking early fall, once the new school year begins and the urge to return to bookish bookworm roots cannot be kept at bay. Am picturing a ginormous green salad chock full of Granny Smith apple slices, walnuts and blue cheese. Big brownies for dessert. And, in the air, that special kind of happiness and energy that book lovers generate when they're together. It's easy to imagine this becoming an annual rite, right up there with school supply shopping and a nostalgic thumbing through of the August issue of Seventeen magazine. I hope you'll come!  

Friday, July 6, 2012


Morning. Stillness and cricket sound. There is a path: peat, dirt, gravel, stone. Take it. Eventually you'll arrive at just the perfect spot. Pause, breathe, rest, think, dream. Summer