Tuesday, August 7, 2012

gotta' make the doughnuts

Remember the Dunkin' Donuts ad with the man who stumbles out of bed in the wee hours to go to work? "Gotta' make the doughnuts," he mumbles to his wife on the way out in his pink striped uniform with the little hat. Today was one of those mornings as Arkon and I headed out on Interstate 85 in pouring rain to meet our client halfway between her office in Asheville and ours in Charlotte. We got to the designated meeting place a few minutes early, a non-descript Mom 'n Pop style restaurant, and ordered coffee. Then a young guy came out of the kitchen and uttered five magical words: how about a homemade doughnut? Doughnut? Homemade? Turns out they have a baker who comes in at 4 am each day to make several trays of them. I chose a rose-shaped one full of raspberries. Arkon went old school with a twist, a glazed number made from whole wheat. The coffee was great, too. Best of all was the new project which involves the emotional life of infants! What could be more wonderful than that?!

All I could think of driving back is how much I didn't want to get up and going this morning. I felt like the groggy Dunkin' man. But long before my alarm went off, and miles and miles from my sleeping house, someone was turning on the lights in a restaurant kitchen. Sifting, kneading and then rolling out dough with a wooden pin. Engendering delight. Out of flour and love.


Gnana said...

Now I wish I had ordered one of their scrumptious donuts! Next time for sure. What fun meeting with you and Arkon. Look forward to our next encounter.
Asheville Client :>)

julie degni marr said...

We should have sent a dozen back to Asheville with you, along with all our gratitude for taking on StewartMarr! Thanks so very much, Garnett!

Chloe Kingery said...

This sounds amazing. Found a similar place in Baton Rouge last weekend- Mary Lee's Donuts. Something special about those old school places!