Wednesday, November 28, 2012

dotting my i

There's something almost subversive about stopping in the middle of a hectic day during a busy week to order a pair of gold polka dot pajamas. I'm not even a pajama person and I don't order much online, but I spotted these (from Target!) in a gift guide and something said 'buy me.' They're very Katherine-Hepburn-meets-Kate-Spade with the smart piping and I'm counting on them to transform my holidays into a cozy scene out of an old black & white movie like Christmas in Connecticut or the original Miracle on 34th Street. 

They haven't even arrived yet and I've already got big plans for these pajamas:  lolling over the New York Times Book Review, catching up on correspondence in bed with a lap desk and thick, monogrammed stationery (will have to order that, too), sitting spiffily at the kitchen table before anyone else arises, with a carafe of coffee and a clipboard for making lists/checking them twice. I've long told my friends that if it's not sold at Target, I don't really need it anyway and now believe that more than ever. Some silly polka dots, a festive daydream or two, the excitement of a package on the doorstep. What can I say? It's a wonderful life.   

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cathymonetti said...

this just makes me happy !