Monday, November 12, 2012

get thee to the snuggery

After an entire adulthood of snuggling up with shelter magazines and interior design books, I'm finally coming home to the look and feel that fits me best. That of a snuggery, or what the dictionary defines as a  comfortable, cozy place. Nothing particularly stylish or elegant about it, but where the edges are soft, the linens are crisp, the towels are thick, the dog is sweet and a great pot of coffee is only minutes from ready. Think shelves brimming with books, tangerines in a bowl, a fluted cake stand made in Italy. There's rosemary growing in the garden and a sun porch with lovely old Florida wicker. There is a fireplace by which to nap in winter. Good people come in and out. This is home. You won't ever see it in a magazine, but it's the kind of place I hope you can picture in your heart.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to be amidst all the snuggery next week!! Love our cozy home! xoxo