Saturday, November 24, 2012


Quiet days.  I'm not ready for this time around Thanksgiving to give way to what's next.  Not yet anyway.  The kids have to go back to college for a few weeks to take exams, turn in projects and even a thesis.  I feel pressure, too, to get caught up on work, to get my head into and my heart around the season  But this morning feels suspended in something different.  A time for carving out how to approach these days, the coming holidays - the rest of life - with the kind of intention that makes it all worthwhile. 

The centerpiece from our Thanksgiving table seems to offer up a perfect example, a simple white pumpkin topped with a myriad of tiny succulent plants resting in a bed of moss.  As pretty today as it was weeks ago when I bought it at the County Farmer's Market.  All it needs is a very occasional replenishing of water at the roots to stay vibrant and lovely.  I was entranced by the lady who planted them and made their uniqueness and artistry seem so simple.  I think of all the things I overcomplicate instead of just letting them be and savoring them.  Keep the roots watered - the well filled - and the rest will take care of itself, this plant says.  Today I listen.  

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Julie Hedlund said...

Lovely post, and I am facing the same post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas melancholy. So I appreciate the simplicity of the succulent.