Thursday, February 7, 2013

frosty days

Ever have one of those moments when your life circles back around on itself? That's how I felt today when I saw this Wendy's poster. It's a StewartMarr special we recently did for a new item they're featuring. I'm sure that the corporate office has no idea that the person who came up with the headline also worked there at 16. That was me in the turquoise and white-striped tunic, trying to keep up with the orders a la I Love Lucy and cringing when my boyfriend came as I mopped the 'dining room.' The menu back then consisted of just three items: hamburgers (Single, Double or Triple . . . and no one ever ordered a Triple during my tenure), fries and the ubiquitous Frosty. It was hard hot labor and, to this day, my hat is off to anyone who works in food service. My best Wendy's moment happened years later, when my kids were little and asked to go through the drive-thru for a Frosty. The awe and admiration in their eyes when I told them I had once worked there is something I may never see again. Truly a classic.

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