Friday, February 1, 2013

looking for love

February deserves its very own valentine, a glittery profusion of pinks and reds, wobbly symmetrical and showy enough for passersby to glimpse it hanging on the kitchen door and know that love lives here. No need to wait until the 14th or look in the mailbox. Valentines are all around. A cardinal caught out of the corner of your eye amid bare winter branches and camellias that just keep on blooming in my beloved old neighbor's yard so long after he's been gone. Lush strawberries on special at the grocery store, grown a few Florida towns over from where I grew up. And a bright pink scarf covered in sequins, little flag of joy on this cold, cold day.
(Cy Twombly, Wilder Shores of Love, Bassano in Teverina, 1985)

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