Friday, February 22, 2013

it's nothing to sniff at

A good personal trainer can be hard to come by. Especially one who works for free and really doesn't give a fig if you have muffin tops or love handles. I've learned beau coups about well-being from my canine coach. Ruffy (nee Rutherford) could care less about pedigree, yours or hers, and has never met a stranger. Friendly, trusting, energetic and dear - totally off the EQ scale - she has enough joi de vivre to light up the Eiffel Tower. She soaks up Vitamin D sunshine and knows the power of a good cat nap. She's taught me that food is something to celebrate, that water should be lapped up with abandon, and few things are better than a good walk, a long stretch, a wet kiss. Also, getting a little age on you isn't a bad thing. And that sometimes you have to wiggle out of your leash and run like the wind toward what you really want in life.

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Anonymous said...

that's true of what they say about "the dog" being man's or woman's best friend. Unconditional love all the way.what a beautiful best friend you have.