Friday, May 31, 2013

from the file drawer of memory

It's amazing what can turn up when sorting through old files: a homeowner's policy from 1996, operating instructions for two washing machines ago, even a bit of long-forgotten self. I've re-read this "first grade readiness evaluation" a bunch of times because it is such a delightful hoot! Although we've somewhat lost touch over the years, I totally love this little girl! She is an active child with excellent muscular coordination . . . plays happily with others . . . expresses her ideas clearly but in a soft voice . . . is attentive at story time . . . enjoys music and rhythms . . . accepts any change in the daily schedule without frustration. And my personal favorite: she is reverent and participates in Chapel. Thank you, Mrs. Harold C. Smith (Helen), surely in heaven by now, for observing, recording, blessing me all those years ago. It means even more than you can imagine today.

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