Sunday, June 9, 2013

love & healing

A nearly palpable sense of wholeness comes about from hearing Becca Stevens' story. She is the longtime Episcopal chaplain at Vanderbilt University and Snake Oil is her book about pain, love, healing and transformation. In reaching out to abused women, she connected with her own pain from childhood sexual abuse and the tragic death of her dad. From these ashes rose Magdalene, a residential community in Nashville for women struggling to overcome addiction and life on the streets, then Thistle Farms, a social enterprise which provides the women with not just a living wage, but enables them to transform others through the natural healing products they manufacture. And just this month they added the Thistlestop Cafe, also run by Magdalene residents and graduates. Snake Oil is a story of terrible threads woven into an amazing, life-giving tapestry. It is a holy book of sadness and hope, prayers, recipes and redemption. I felt blessed by reading it.

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