Monday, February 3, 2014

wholeness: a love story

If you want to know if you are, in fact, loving yourself at all, ask yourself if you have ever cultivated something you like to do - like crocheting or gardening or painting or golfing or music. Ever. And if you haven't, why haven't you? Listen carefully for the answer. It is the key to being a whole person; it is the key to a whole other life. - Joan Chittister

Continuing the love theme that seems to be developing here in February, this quote absolutely grabbed me and won't let go. A sure sign it's something worth exploring. There has to be a correlation in my own life with all of the projects dreamed of and even begun, but not followed through. Gorgeous yarn selected, stitches cast on, paints mixed, canvasses primed, potting soil and terra cotta pots piled in the shed, fabulous fabric folded away, photographs dormant in the camera, even the outline of an unwritten book. All things that would bring such wholeness, but that I am resistant to fully creating. A major metaphor is bubbling up for me around this. Figuring it out may be my most important project yet.

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