Thursday, August 28, 2014

extra curricular

I was that girl too excited to sleep the night before school started. Who would rather shop for school supplies than clothes. And who will always consider a classroom sacred space. So when the school bell no longer tolled for me, it felt emptier than a playground after recess. Too many echoes, too little activity. No one blowing a whistle signaling what to do next. Commence the existential drift. Until one day I realized that I could make an appointment with my (inner) guidance counselor and put in for a schedule change. I could cherry pick the things I truly loved about school (being in a routine, being with friends, reading, writing, learning, experiencing, growing) and adapt them to adult life.

This is why, as summer ends, I'm stocking up on Sharpies at Target, signing up for a printmaking workshop and have added a yoga class to my routine. I'm penciling in writing blocks and walks with friends. I've scheduled chunks of fresh air time throughout the day and a weekly library spree. I've got nutrition covered, too, with my sister's homemade granola recipe, Farmer's Market apples and a cute Bento lunchbox. There's a plethora of podcasts and an online course I want to partake, lectures I'd like to attend around town. You can enroll, too. Anytime. There are no exams, no grades. Except E for enthusiastic and engaged. And energized.

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