Monday, December 1, 2014

Dear December

Dear December,
     My heart has been waiting for you. For the red, the green, the frosty, the twinkling. For the comfort and joy of beloved carols and ornaments and cookies. Welcome Rudolph and Santa, welcome Grinch, welcome especially Charlie Brown. Yay for Handel's Messiah on the car radio and Layne's cinnamon coffee cake, for the aromatic exhilaration of the tree lot, for yet another reading of A Christmas Carol.
     I've been waiting all year to bring my creche down from the attic and take the figurines out of their tissue-wrapped rest. There's Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus, a cow, a donkey, a camel, two little lambs, three wise men and the angel who watches over them all. It feels like they've been waiting for me, too.

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