Friday, July 31, 2015

the lemon treatment

My niece is a newly-graduated, board-certified psychologist with so much knowledge and heart it's astounding. To know her is to adore her. Chloe's always sharing a great nugget, whether a book recommendation, a recipe for easy enchiladas or the kitchen timer technique, which is part pop psychology, part life hack brilliance. You can buy one lots of places and in a variety of shapes,  including the perennially popular pomodoro. I just ordered this zesty lemon on Amazon. I'm supposed to set it for 25 minutes whenever there is a project I need to start but keep putting off (write a brochure, do some bookkeeping, clean out the basement, etc). That's enough time to get a chunk done and there's a good chance I'll keep going for much longer. Maybe even complete the dreaded task in one swoop. This lemon and I have lots of chores and projects to squeeze in over the next few weeks. Together, I know we can do it.


Chloe Kingery said...

So sweet Aunt J!!! Thanks for your kind words & always being an inspiration:)

Cathy Monetti said...

I love the lemon treatment! I am doing this! (And good for Chloe!!!!)