Friday, July 17, 2015

seventh heaven

It "has enough ink to write 1.7 meters per day for 7 years" and glides across a page like pure silk. That it's orange and bears an exclamation mark is just icing. What kind of a dear friend bestows a treasure like this on a person? Katie, that's who. I could write 1.7 meters a day on her lovingkindness alone. My challenge is not going to be using up the ink in a meaningful, joy-filled way, but keeping up with this instrument of creativity and communication for the next 7 years. I had to make a U-turn in downtown traffic yesterday thinking I left it at a client's office! This pen and I have places to go and things to write. We'll be in touch.

1 comment:

Anna G. said...

Looking forward to you and this 7 year pen and what you will post! Anna