Sunday, September 27, 2015

heart places

The morning was for apple-picking at Sky Top Orchard. Mucking along rain sodden rows of Cortland, Fuji, Granny Smith, Johnagold and Honeycrisp, filling a red bucket while visions of cinnamon-sprinkled pie swirled through our heads. Rows of apple trees that seemed to go on forever, air smelling like perfume. When the foraging finished, there were hot homemade pumpkin donuts dusted with sugar. A picturebook autumn outing. 
Then on to a favorite poet's house. Can you see it there in the misty distance? Connemara, Scottish for  'rock hill,' is the beloved home in Flat Rock, North Carolina, where Carl Sandburg lived with his wife and three daughters for more than 20 years. Today this historic gem and its 30-acre site are part of the U.S. National Park Service.  
The family loved reading, playing music together and birdwatching. There are more than 17,000 books in the house. It's a little spooky to walk through the uninhabited rooms, but a feeling of love lingers.  
Lillian Sandburg and the girls raised champion dairy goats while Carl wrote. Walk over to the red barn and you'll encounter a few of them, well tended and adored.
While down the lane a sweet old scarecrow keeps watch over it all.  

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