Thursday, August 4, 2016

summersize me

Summer holds a lot of happy and this tote holds a lot of summer. I can fill it up and spend a whole morning in the backyard. Or languish an entire afternoon away in the shade. Iced coffee? Check. New York Times Book Review and word puzzles? Check. Encyclopedia Brown paperback circa 1969? Check. Something to write on and something to write with? Check, check. A peach, banana, graham crackers? Triple check. Cares? Not a single one.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Holy, Sacred Life.
Don’t squander A Single day
Acting like it’s not.             1/100             
Inspired first by graphic designer extraordinaire, Michael Beirut, and then creativity author Elle Luna, I took the 100-Day Project challenge and wrote a faith-centric haiku each day from April 19th through the end of July. Then posted them on Instagram. Am still trying to synthesize what the project meant to me and the short answer is: a lot.  I've always loved the literary form haiku and cherish the mystical poets like Rumi who say so much about life and faith in so few words. There was something very limiting - yet freeing - about fitting a thought into a very specific tiny container and not wavering from that.  Seventeen syllables in this case (three lines of 5, 7 and 5  respectively). Subjects ebbed and flowed organically, reflecting what was going on in my heart or the world. Showing up to the project each morning was something I looked forward to that really shaped the rest of the day. It felt sacred as the words tumbled out and arranged themselves on the page.