Tuesday, November 15, 2016

core question

Earth's Core by Zion Crump, 2016
Years ago I read that there's a question at the core of each of us, planted very early on, which we mostly unknowingly spend our whole lives attempting to answer. If I had one, I could not fathom what it was. But a gift of clarity recently arrived on my spiritual doorstep. I realized that what I've yearned to figure out for all these years is how to tend the soul, particularly when darkness encroaches. And the answer is becoming clearer after endless reading and reflection, some stupendous teachers and soul friends, a lifetime of church and a three-year program in Spiritual Direction. Not to mention decades of pure experience itself. What I've discovered is an iron-like vein of sadness at my core along with an uncanny ability to find joy in the mundane. My faith is rock strong. I can spot a soul-crusher a mile away, am not afraid of anything and find meaning in just about everything. As difficult as the digging is, it's important to uncover your core conundrum. Knowledge is power, power is energy. And it's all blessing.

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