Thursday, November 10, 2016

little thanksgivings

There's Thanksgiving Day and then there are mini-thanksgivings - moments and experiences that capture that rare, stars-aligned combination of warmth, wholeness, joy and peak gratitude that is Thanksgiving at its holiday best. I had one yesterday when a beloved friend invited five of us over to her new nest for quiche and carrot cake and heart conversation. With a tiny vase of pink roses at each setting. I looked around the table and felt a wave of the deepest gratitude. Also Monday night, making collages with the women living at the YWCA. Torn magazine pages, glue sticks, laughter, creativity, art, beauty and so much love. Then there was a wonderful letter and the sweetest phone call. All thanksgivings. And early this morning, outside in my robe with the dog. It was chilly and the light was Novembery soft. Fallen leaves were everywhere with a swath of pink sasanqua petals on the ground. It wasn't even a conscious thought - I simply felt Thanksgiving in my bones.

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