Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Advent Days 18-24

Day 24
The Christmas story:
Love is born into the world - 
It's our story, too.

Day 23
Someone is knocking.
Open the door of your heart.
Make room at the inn.

Day 22
So hectic out there!
A good day to be at home,
baking shortbread stars.

Day 21
My gratitude list
would reach to heaven and back - 
if I wrote it down.

Day 20
The Christmas tree lot - 
evergreen, balsam and fir.
Such fresh, frosty air.

Day 19
Prayer for today:
May my thoughts, words and actions
come from a joy place.

Day 18
Opposite of faith:
anxiety, worry, fear.
Be not afraid, friends.

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